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Striving for sustainable management through CSR management, environmental value management, and customer satisfaction management.

  • Sustainability management
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Sustainability management policy

In 2010, the Lotte Department Store declared our mid-to-long term vision for CSR and defined our responsibilities and policies in the economic, environmental, ethical, and social spheres, so as to establish an unequivocal framework for value assessment. Furthermore, we founded the Sustainability Management Committee to outline our goals in each field, introduced a new progress evaluation index, and implemented an evaluation and feedback system, to ensure systemic undertaking of our plans and establish a management structure that takes us to the next level.

Sustainability management policy

Sustainability management policy
Striving to create neweconomic value and sustainable growth
Contributing to sustai-nable development at the national and local community levels through strategic CSR
Adhering to corporate ethics standard and creating a fair corporate culture
Preserving the natural environment and leading the movement to prevent climate change

Sustainability management structure

In 2010, the Lotte Department Store created a Sustainability Management Committee, with our CEO serving as the Chairman. The Sustainability Management Committee, consisting of 9 executives from each department, discusses future strategies and directions and reaches consensus on core projects.

Board of directors
    • Board of directors
      • Sustainability Management Committee
        Committee Chairman :
        Committee member :
        executives of all departments
        • Committee executive office CSR division
        • Working-level subcommittees
            • Environmental management
            • CSR
            • Ethics management
            • HR management
            • Win-win cooperation
            • Customer-oriented management
          • Working-level subcommittee meeting (once a quarter)
            • Share and discuss current issues
            • Select core tasks for departm-ent, launch new goals
            • Compile and manage results
            Sustainability management committee (once a quarter)
            • Discuss and decide on compa-ny-wide strategies
            • Approve company-wide tasks and goals
            • Feedback on results
            Promote company-wide tasks
            • Share/communicate goals
            • Formulate detailed implemen-tation plans
            • Implement tasks