Lotte shopping  Avenue Indonesia

new paradigm of Shopping Mall and Department Store.

To present a new paradigm and model of Shopping Mall and Department Store in Indonesia, PT. Lotte Shopping Avenue Indonesia as part of Lotte Group, Korea¡¯s number one retailer, partnered with PT. Ciputra Adigraha in the Ciputra World Jakarta project, undertaking to develop shopping complex Ciputra World Jakarta, manage and operate the entire mall and open the first Lotte Shopping Avenue in Indonesia (operated by Lotte Department Store). Lotte Shopping Avenue (LO-VE) will be occupying more than 77.000 sqm for the next 20 years.

Lotte Shopping Avenue will concentrate in creating a new model of shopping mall and department store in Indonesia, creating a customer centered environment and attracting new brands that do not as yet have a presence in Indonesian market.