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Compliance Program

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Concept of CP

The Fair Trade Compliance Program (CP) stands for the supplementary system and norms of action set up by businesses to facilitate voluntary compliance to the fair trade laws.

The Fair Trade Commission encourages the Fair Trade Compliance Program by mitigating sanctions when businesses working under the CP are found to be guilty of a violation.

Key components of CP

Key components of CP photo
Declaration by management for voluntary compliance
Public declaration by the company president regarding the company’s willingness to the voluntary compliance on fair trade
Appointment of compliance program administrator
Appointing a CP administrator at the executive ranks with real responsibil-ities and authority
Creation and distribution of the CP handbook
Creating a guideline for fair trade compliance in business based primarily on case studies
Education program
Differentiated education program for each department, at least 2 hours per half-year
In-house monitoring system
Creating a monitoring system to prevent violations, report to the board
Sanctions for employees in violation of the regulations
reparing HR policy sanctions and disciplinary measures commensurate with the degree of violation
Building a document management system
Provide the latest and most accurate information on CP by appointing an administrator for document management