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We will lead the nation in solving the low-fertility problem

  • Encouraging Family-plannin
  • Family-friendly managemen
  • Global CSR
  • Local CSR

Social contribution by encouraging childbirth (September 2009 ~)

The Lotte Department Store sympathizes with the nation’s childbirth promotion policy, and is actively promoting a childbirth promotion campaign to address the social issue.

The Lotte Department Store is carrying out various campaigns for customers and employees to create a better world for giving birth.

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  • family-planning campaign logo photo 2 Lotte Department Store family-
    planning campaign logo

5 joint projects

  • Reinforcing a family-planning
    encouragement system
  • Creating a family-friendly corporate
  • Expanding facilities for pregnant
    women and women in general
  • Creating a birth-supporting fund and
    fulfilling social responsibilities
  • Creating a childbirth-friendly social
Family-planning encouragement bus ‘A room for loving mothers’ photo

Family-planning encouragement bus ‘A room for loving mothers’ (May 2011~)

A room for loving mothers is an on-wheel service that visits core office hubs in the capital metropolitan area to provide services related to pregnancy and childbirth. The service provides simple diagnoses by obstetricians and gynecologists, diverse contents for prenatal education, organic snacks for pregnant women, and even foot massage services, to offer practical assistance for working mothers who are balancing work with family life andwho are finding it difficult to attend prenatal classes and acquire information.

Awarded the Order of Civil Merit and Presidential Commendation (September 2011)

The Lotte Department Store has received the Order of Civil Merit, Camellia Medal on September 2011 in recognition of its nationwide pro-natal campaign and its leading role in establishing a corporate culture with optimal work-family balance. We were also awarded the Presidential Commendation in 2010 for our dedicated efforts.

Overnight camp with dadse (December 2010)

Overnight camp with dadse (December 2010)

Encouraging to-be fathers’ participation in childcare to help working mothers better balance work with family

The Seoul Arts Center Kid’s Lounge (December 2010)

The Seoul Arts Center Kid’s Lounge (December 2010)

Installing a safe day care center within the Seoul Art Center for performance viewers with children

Dadoongi family invitation event (December 2010)

Dadoongi family invitation event (December 2010)

Inviting more than 600 Dadoongi families (families with more than 3 children) for participation-based family programs