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Harmonizing management goals with social demands to improve business value and achieve sustainable growth.

  • Introduction of Ethics and Conduct Regulations
  • Full text of Ethics and Conduct Regulations
  • Detailed guideline of Ethics and Conduct Regulations

The purpose and objective of the Ethics and Conduct Regulations in Lotte Shopping Co., Ltd.

To be reborn as a world-renowned distribution business that aims at the betterment of humanity, environment-friendliness, and cultural life, we attempt to promote the social and national development in pursuit of the customers’ affluent life by observing ethical values, fair trade, and ethics management.

The background of establishing the Ethics and Conduct Regulations in Lotte Shopping Co., Ltd.

When a business loses ethicality, it causes fall of the business credit rating externally while being disregarded by the consumers and investors. As the business ethicality gets exposed instantly due to the developed information exchange, the business may suffer from severe social disapproval. Also, it diminishes the ethics and devotion of the employees internally. Ultimately, the vicious circle of reduced sales and profit in the business continues.

The major contents of Ethics and Conduct Regulations in Lotte Shopping Co., Ltd.

Pledge on customers
Customer respect, customer satisfaction, creation of customer trust
Responsibility and obligation on stockholders
Security of sincere management, transparency of management, right to know among the stockholders
Basic ethics of the employees
Standard observance, good faith, mutual respect, ability development
Proper relationship with partners
Fair trade, pursuit of mutual develop-ment, prohibitionof non-ethical acts to partners
Social and national responsibility
Stable business activity, non-political accident prevention

Introduction of the Office of Ethics Management in Lotte Shopping Co., Ltd.

It aims to evaluate the practice of Ethics and Conduct Regulations and ethics code of Lotte and Lotte Shopping Co., Ltd. In addition to the external PR, it also promotes the effective operation of the self-developed ethics code program.

Meanwhile, it intends to solve all issues occurring in the company, such as internal and external unfair trade andsexual harassment in the workplace, through a report system. Such efforts will serve the role of a compass for the practice of business ethics as it prevents non-ethical activities through the education on business ethics.

Report Center

The Office of Ethics Management in Lotte Shopping Co., Ltd. welcomes reports and suggestions on contradictory business ethics. We will do our best to reflect your suggestions to the ethics management.

Report Center

Address: Management Improvement Team of Lotte
Department Store Zip code) 100-070, 701, Taeyang Bldg,
11, Namdaemun-ro 7-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

Protection of an internal reporter

For the settlement of practical business ethics, we provide a protection system for an internal reporter. We promise to take every possible means for the effective operation of the system and the protection of a reporter.