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Recruit info

The Lotte Department Store is looking for the topmost 
								global retail staff.

Salary structure (for new recruits)

  • Industry’s highest :Provide highest salaries for new recruits in the industry
  • Payment method :Salary, bonuses (800%), performance-based pay
    (new year’s, vacation,performance-based pays: paid separately from monthly salaries)

Welfare benefits

Livelihood support
Livelihood support
Housing and
support loan
  • Welfare fund loan : Up to 10 million won
  • Village fund loan : Up to 20 million won
  • Bank loan : Up to 50 million won (including welfare fund and village funds)
Tuition support for children Partial support for kindergarten tuition (up to 3 children) / full tuition for middle school,
high school, and college (up to 3 children)
housing aid
Financial aid for company housing for employees dispatched to regional branches/
metropolitan branches far from their place of residence
expense support
Financial support for transportation expenses from metropolitan cities to regional cities, provided only for employees receiving company housing aid
Relocation benefits
(moving costs)
Financial support for moving fees for the employees dispatched to regional branches/
metropolitan branches far from their place of residence
Car maintenance Car maintenance fee for upper level management over rank 2 and below rank 1
Car insurance Car maintenance fee and car insurance support for all upper level management
over rank 1
Health / medical support
Health / medical support
Employee physical examination
  • Annual or biannual physical examinations for all employees / biannual comprehensive examinations for all employees above age 40
  • biannual comprehensive examinations for all employees above age 40
Medical expense
Financial support of medical expenses for the employee, spouse, and children
Insured for four categories of:
accident-induced death, disease-induced death, accident-induced disabilities, and cancer diagnosis
Family events and gifts
Family events and gifts
Personal vacation
and congratulations/
Vacation days and congratulations benefits for family events like weddings, 60th birthday celebration, condolences, and births
Flower wreaths Flower wreaths sent for weddings and funerals
irthday present Birthday presents on the birthday of the employee
Wedding present Congratulations expenditures and presents sent for the employee’s wedding
Employee present Presents for Children’s day and year-end
Condominium Use of Hanwha Resort, Daemyung Resort, Geumho, Kensington Resort, and Ilsung Condominiums (partial support for condo expenses)
Club activities Various support for club expenses
Coming together
as one, pep rally
Support for spring and autumn pep rallies
Reward for long
-term employees
Reward for long-time employees for 10, 15, 20, and 25 years of service
Souvenirs for
Provide souvenirs for employees at mandatory retirement
Employee restaurant/
health clinic/store
Operated at each branch