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Recruit info

The Lotte Department Store is looking for the topmost global retail staff.

Direction of staff training

Training infra

Training infra-Lotte Department Store’s Lotte Academy, online e-campus

Management training
Training to improve necessary capacities for each rank
Work training
Practical training to improve hands-on work capacities
Service training
Internalization of customer-first mentality
Other training
Self-development training and self-directed work capacity training

Details on core training programs

Entry-level training Adaptability and field-oriented work training for new recruits
Management capacity training Phase-by-phase training to improve management capacities of executives
Professional training in retail and distribution Systemic training to nurture retail and distribution professionals with expertise and practical knowledge
Distribution university → Distribution graduate school → Distribution EMBA
Work training
Work training
Professional training Training to nurture experts in each work field
Professional curriculums in fashion, marketing, food, etc.
Various work training Training to enhance work capacities in MD, sales managing, planning, marketing,
CRM, finance, accounting, etc .
Outsourced training Outsourced training curriculum support for each individual, based on their work
Service training
Service training
Service training Training intended to cultivate a customer-first mind, internalize basic service attitudes,
and teach service methods used when interacting with customers
Other training
Other training
Language education Internal training to further English/Japanese/Chinese and other foreign language
proficiency, and outsourced training
Overseas training Opportunities to participate in oversees training and visiting distribution markets in US,
Japan, China, and Europe
New recruit training, distribution graduate school, etc.
Outsourced company university Operate degree curriculums to satisfy the employees’ desire for further education
Operate 2-year and 4-year college education through the cooperation with various universities and academic institutions
Self-development training through Lotte’s online e-campus by offering courses in
reading and other online courses according to individual interests