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“Specially designed for the local community, the Gwanak branch is a mega-scale cultural and shopping space that serves the role of vitalizing the business district of

						Gwanak/Dongjak area.”

  • Overview
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Lotte Department store Image

As a multipurpose building that integrates a department store, a discount store, and an apartment, the Gwanakbranch has become a new attraction in Seoul through the love of the local residents along with the adjacent Boramae Park. Also, it offers the highest level of service by operating a moving belt to ensure the convenience of customers when moving into department store, discount store, and underground parking lot.


  • Location

    729-22, Bongcheon-dong, Gwanak-gu,
    Seoul (Boramae Park)

  • Telephone

    (02) 833-2500

  • Parking capacity

    621 cars

  • Size

    1) Store floor area : 5,500㎡ for stores
    2) Seven stories above ground and two underground levels


Map Image

Means of transportation

By Subway

  • Line No.2 sillimi Station and sindaebang Station

    Takes 10 mins. on foot after getting off

  • Line No.7 sindaebangsamgeori Station

    Takes 10 mins. on foot after getting off