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young plaza deagu

The stores specialized for the fashion of the young generation! Meet Lotte Young Plaza at Tongseongro, Deagu and experience various brands from dynamic products.

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Lotte Department store Image

3F: Denim, unisex, street, sports clothing/shoes, leisure bags, men’s trend, shirts/ties, total fashion
2F: Young casual, easy casual, trend fashion, street, underwear, nail care, cafe
1F: Cosmetics, handbags, shoes, accessories, seasonal products, young characters, young trend, young basic goods


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  • business hourf

    11:30a.m. ~ 9:30p.m.


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Means of transportation

By Subway

  • Lone No.1 Jungangro Station

    Exit No. 3 (Connected to Jungangro Station)

  • Lone No.1 Banwoldang Station

    Transfer to subway line no. 2