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Lotte Department Store Jeonju Branch is…

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Lotte Department store Image

World-class service and various high-quality items ensure the most satisfying shopping experience for our visitors. 500 Top brands from both home and abroad are conveniently arranged in each intricately designed floor to make your shopping more enjoyable. Whatever you wish to do, whether it be taking a class in art or culture from one of our 150 professional instructors, watching the latest movie at the Multiplex Theater, or simply relaxing at Sky Park, you will feel delight every step of the way. The convenient parking at Lotte Jeonju’s store accommodates up to 900 cars. There is a play area for kids, a children-only hair shop and the skin care room all of which have helped the store emerge as the center for a superb cultural experience. We will endeavor to improve ourselves so that Lotte Jeonju will become a location cherished by all for its highest-quality products and services.


  • Location

    971, Seoshindong, Wansangu,
    Jeonju, Jollabuk-do

  • Telephone

    (063) 289-2500

  • Parking capacity

    900 cars

  • Size

    1) Store floor area : 13,184.47㎡ for stores


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