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“The future-oriented retailer with a customer-first principle that offers a new lifestyle.”

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Lotte Department store Image

The Lotte Jamsil Town housing the Lotte Jamsil store was developed in preparation for the 1988 Olympic Games held in Seoul, which provided a new turning point for national development. It laid a foundation for further development of Korea's culture, industry and distribution channels, while playing a critical role in advertising the outstanding rapid development of Korea to the world. The Jamsil store was designed to satisfy the diverse cultural, shopping and entertainment needs of increasingly sophisticated shoppers. The opening of this store transformed the then quiet suburban neighborhood into an exciting, lively center where people can enjoy culture, shopping, and entertainment all at once. Currently, the Jamsil store is a part of a sprawling, modern complex consisting of hotels, the Lotte World theme park, shopping malls housing both domestic and global brand outlets, as well as an abundance of restaurants, trendy coffee shops and even wedding halls. It has taken root as a world-class living and cultural center.


  • Location

    Jamsildong, Songpagu,
    seoul (Jamsil station of Subway line No. 2)

  • Telephone

    (02) 411-2500

  • Parking capacity

    5,000 cars

  • Size

    1) Store floor area : 42,909 m² for stores
    2) Eleven stories and three basement levels


Map Image

Means of transportation

By Subway

  • Line No.2  Jamsil Station

    Use No.3 Exit