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The Dongrae branch of Lotte Department Store aims at the creation of the best culture and prestigious service under the concept of “management of customer satisfaction” 

						and “community-oriented department store that promotes prestigious culture and living.”

  • Overview
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Lotte Department store Image

It contributes to the improvement of life quality and local community through the Multi-Plaza located on the M1 floor in order to create a new shopping and living culture for the youth. It also has a sports center and a culture center for uplifting awareness and promoting development through the experience of sports and culture. It promises to exert efforts for the realization of better lives for the local residents as the 21st century department store that promotes the vitalization of the local economy and culture.


  • Location

    502-3, Oncheon-dong, Dongnae-gu,
    Busan Metropolitan City

  • Telephone

    (051) 605-2500

  • Parking capacity

    Approx. 1,678 cars

  • Size

    1) Store floor area : 9,390m² for stores


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