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“The premiere domestic retailer featuring diversified products And sincere services.”

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Lotte Department store Image

Opened in 1979, Lotte's flagship store has grown as a symbol of Korea's modern retailers that has reshaped Korea's shopping culture. In particular, the restaurant floor, which was the first of its kind in the nation, has brought forth not only a new shopping culture but also a remarkable change and evelopment in the local dining-out culture. Furthermore, Lotte's store management expertise, including interior decoration and display techniques leads the department store industry in Korea. The spacious shopping area, abundant merchandise and convenient shopping are sources of pride unique to Lotte.


  • Location

    Sogongdong, Junggu,
    seoul (Detrain at the Euljiro Station of subway line No.2)

  • Telephone

    (02) 771-2500

  • Parking capacity

    1,800 cars

  • Size

    1) Store floor area : 44.569.15 m² for stores
    2) Twelve stories and three basement levels


Map Image

Means of transportation

By Subway

  • Line No.1 City Hall Station

    5 minutes by walk

  • Line No.1 Jongno 1Ga Station

    10 minutes by walk

  • Line2 Euljiro (1Ga) Station

    Connected to Department store
    directly from Subway station

  • Line No4 Myeng-dong Station

    10~15 minutes by walk

Nearby Subway Stations for Transfer

  • Line No1 City Hall Station

    Euljiro Entrance(1 Ga)

  • Line No2 Euljiro Entrance (1 Ga) Station

    Connected to Department store
    directly from Subway station

  • Line No3 Euljiro Entrance Station

    Euljiro Entrance Line No.2

  • Line No4 Dongdaemun Stadium Station

    Euljiro 4 Ga~Euljiro 3 Ga~ Euljiro Entrance
    (5 minutes by walking)

  • Line No2 Chungjeongno Station

    4 minutes by walking

  • Line No5 Chungjeongno Station

    City hall, Euljiro Entrance station